Friendship Games

In October, during the Children’s Week (Brazilian Holiday), we decided to celebrate in a different way. We came up with the Friendship Games, kind of like a School Olympics. The modalities were soccer, volleyball, swimming, … Read More

Brilliant Girls Club

Ever since I arrived, I have had a special concern for my student girls. The girls here grow up without much instruction in many aspects of life. There are many cases of abuse and rape, … Read More

Complimenting and Flying High

I have students here who are brilliant. Honestly! Some who have unusual abilities, who can pick up things very easily; they seem like little sponges that can absorb everything with no limits for learning! Children … Read More

We finished the construction!

And 15 days later, this was the new ETAM. With the help of over 200 volunteers, working tirelessly under a scorching sun, the Adventist Technical School of Massauari was finished. In the next few days … Read More

2 years of history

This June, we celebrated 2 years that the ETAM began its official activities. Yes, this school is a baby yet. We did a Thanksgiving Service to thank God for the miraculous way He has guided … Read More

Gifts with a strange packaging

We say that we received a gift from a Greek, when the gift seems wonderful, but negatively surprises us with what’s inside. But that’s not the kind of gift I want to talk about. I’m … Read More


I have always loved children! They enchant me for their innocence, simplicity, sympathy! Being a missionary in a place like this, using my job as a teacher to serve so many children and yong people … Read More

God’s care in the storm

Before I came here, I had never been on a boat. So, the first few times I traveled by boat, fear was stamped on my face (even nowadays I still get a bit nervose in … Read More

Open eyes and ears

Teaching in a place like this has its many advantages: we do not have an all-equipped science lab, but we have a large “backyard” full of nature, forest, diversity and beauty. Using our few resources … Read More