Complimenting and Flying High


I have students here who are brilliant. Honestly! Some who have unusual abilities, who can pick up things very easily; they seem like little sponges that can absorb everything with no limits for learning! Children like these are very easy to compliment!

There are those students who have many difficulties, but you see that they do their best and can easily be praised for all their effort. But there are those students who clearly demonstrate that they do not want to collaborate at all. It is so difficult to deal with these! Sometimes it is difficult to be sensible enough to look beyond their grades and their apparent unwillingness to learn, and thus discover something they are good at and uplift! How difficult it is to have the wisdom to know which trigger to use in order to encourage them!

At a school-parent meeting, a mother told me a story. Her daughter entered school this year, and started taking flute lessons. The first song she was learning was "God is So Good". She was training at home one night when, after making several mistakes, she started saying to the flute, "I will never touch you again! I'm stupid and I can’t learn! I dont’t even want to see you!" And she tossed the flute somewhere around house. The mother, who heard everything from the other room, full of wisdom, took the flute and began to try to play the song by herself. She kept trying, and making many mistakes. Her daughter then came up to her and said, "That’s not how you do it, mom! Let me show you how it is!" In trying to teach her mother, she practiced the song and was soon able to play it. I thanked God for giving wisdom to that mother at that moment! Today, this same student takes advanced flute classes and is one of the best students I have! She picks up the songs incredibly fast! All it took was a little push!

I will share another situation that happened to me. In July, we evaluated all the students to see which ones would pass to the next flute class (we have 4 groups currently). The teacher from Class 3 gave me the list of 4 students that were ready to move to my class. It's always good to have new students, but I was worried. One of those students always seemed to have zero interest for anything, regardless of the strategy used. How was I going to deal with him in the class?

The classes in the second semester started and this student came to my class. To my surprise, he was very interested in class and strived hard to learn. At the end of a class, I called him apart and said, "Congratulations! You are very smart and I see you have been putting a lot of effort to learn! I'm very happy for you! Way to go! You will fly high if you continue on this path! "

It seemed such a simple thing. It took a simple compliment and the next day he gave me a drawing he made of a treble clef. I smiled a great big smile, on the inside and out! I thanked him and told him that I would dearly keep his drawing in my gift box (which, by the way, was made by the student from the flute classes I mentioned). He replied, "It’s the first drawing I give you!" Yes, but that was not the last one. The next day he presented me with another drawing: this time a bird in its nest. Since then, he has improved his behavior in my classes! He just needed a compliment!

He didn’t know, but birds represent me! I love birds. I feel like a bird. A quote I love from the film The Shawshank Redemption says:

"I know some birds cannot live in a cage. Their feathers shine too bright! And when they fly, you're happy because you knew it was a sin to cage them! "

My prayer is that we may have Divine wisdom so that, more than teaching these children, we can open their eyes to the big dreams that God has for them! May we place in each one of them this desire to be as a bird, to overcome the obstacles that exist, understanding that they are immensely capable of flying higher and higher!

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